2018-07-17 17:30

When I was a teenager I had the worst skin. My dermatologist recommended me regular fruit acid peelings and that helped a lot.
Some years ago I discovered Kiehl's when I was working with a great makeup artist. I started using their products and it really changed my skin. BTW - this is not sponsored or anything, just my regular skincare.
I cleanse my face morning and evening with this cleanser and my face brush. Then I use this toner. This serum is a bit pricey, but it's so worth it! Gives your skin all the needed moisture. I finish with this lotion and my favorite eye cream.
During the night I use this serum on top of the other serum and under the lotion. Sounds like a lot, but this combination somehow gives my skin everything it needs and I have a natural glow when I wake up in the morning!
My favorite face masks are: Radiance Mask & Pore Cleansing Mask
Let me know what you think when you tried some of the products :-) xx

/Pictures by Jenn Werner Photography